Unbroken Bread book cover

Having difficulty defining worship?
One of the most divisive issues in the church today is the subject of worship. It is not an understatement to say that everyone has an idea of how worship should be conducted. But are these “ideas” biblically accurate? Can there be diversity in worship? How to preference and worship fit together?

It might surprise you to know that worship is not a place, time, or event! It is a life – but not any life – a life lived in a manner that equips and edifies other believers. The assembly was never called “worship,” but was intended to edify and equip the Christian.

Unbroken Bread looks at these and many other issues. The intent of this book is to examine worship and the assembly in light of Scripture, attempting to understand the structure and purpose of worship in light of New Testament Christianity.

It is the author’s prayer that this book will be one of healing. This is not a tradition-based book; however, you will be challenged to test your traditions against the truth of God’s word. The important thing is not to change our traditions, but to recognize them as traditions and not doctrinal truth.

Unbroken Bread will help you understand these issues and will provide a guide for finding the answers in Scripture.

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