Life Brakes!

Who doesn’t love Spring, at least at the beginning? The bitter cold is gone, along with the snowy, icy, slushy, yucky junk that goes with it! Trees are budding out, birds are singing, and – by the afternoon – you can come out of your jacket! How wonderful is that? I can’t wait for the spring flowers to start blooming, and all those marvelous spring tree blossoms to start popping. The Red Buds, the Dogwoods, and the Tulip Trees – all framed by the many shades of green that will surround them. The days are longer, the sun shines brighter, and the temps are warming up more each day. When we use Spring as a metaphor, it always represents rebirth, newness, and fresh-starts! Why wouldn’t anyone love that?

Of course, the truth is that it’s only a matter of time before we begin complaining about the pollen, the erratic weather, and having to mow the yard AGAIN! Maybe not. Maybe we can focus on all the possibilities that a new and fresh Spring brings us. I firmly believe that God purposely gives us opportunities to stop and reflect on life – our life – and what we are going to do with it. I’ve called them Life Brakes. It’s when something happens or comes along that causes us to step on the brakes of life for a short while and do some serious evaluating and rethinking. Funerals are good for that. Life passages or transitions are also good times to hit the Life Brakes and realize that life is getting away from us, and if we are going to improve, get better, or do something worthwhile – do it now! Quit putting it off! Every time someone you love has a graduation, gets a drivers license, gets engaged or married, or when you have an anniversary, a birthday, a reunion, or even see a picture from the past – when you and yours were young, skinny, and hairy, but some in that picture are no longer here – these are opportunities to have a Life Brake. That is what Spring is – or should be – for us! Use it! Make this a time when you finish something you’ve let slide, begin something you’ve been putting off, or launch into something you’ve been dreaming of trying! Our God is a Father of rebirths! Don’t miss this opportunity to make the most of another Life Brake in your life.

FYI for any of my Matt Zampolos fans. I’m editing (which means I need help) the third book in the series that started with The Judas Sword and then The Perspicacious Quandary.  It should go to the publisher in a few weeks and be out by late May or early June. I wrote it well over a year ago, but needed to let book two run it’s course. Now it’s Spring and I’m back at it! Book three will be The Yahlandice Protocol. If you read the first two, the Dark Agent threats become open war! Get ready!