Grateful Friends

It has been encouraging – and flattering – to receive so many nice comments from folks who have read The Judas Sword.  I have heard from several members of my church family who have talked about how much they enjoyed it, and that truly makes me happy.  I especially love it when folks talk about how surprised they were with some of the characters, the story line, and with the discoveries of a whole new world.  I have really been surprised, however, that my audience has been almost totally adult.  I really thought more teens and young adults would be reading it and enjoying it.  Maybe it will become a good Christmas present for all those young people and grand-kids to receive.

I wanted to share two special review/comments that I received this week.  My wonderful sister-in-law finished The Judas Sword and sent me this sweet text, “Just finished your book.  Favorite line on page 200, ‘memories are for learning, not for living.’  Thanks for sharing your talents.”  I love it when folks mention specific things that touched them – and stuck!  Thanks Carol.  It’s good to have family appreciate what I do.  The second comment came in an email from my good friend Don in Nashville.  Don was one of my proof readers for the book, and give me some truly good suggestions, as well as corrections.  He has just finished reading my second book in this Matt Zampolos series, and had some really good comments again.  He also had several questions that the book generated in his brain as he thought through implications and possibilities.  I was glad to tell him that they are all answered in book three, which he is proofing now.

I was especially touched by how Don was impacted by reading this second book.  Here is what he shared:  “Reading Matt Zampolos as caused me to be more aware of my surroundings and especially of interaction with relationships.  Once, I was waiting at my bank’s drive-through teller window, getting some cash.  I looked into my rear view mirror and saw a fellow waiting behind me.  I did not recognize him, but for some reason, he caught my eye and I had a strong feeling to give him some cash.  When I finished, I moved ahead and stopped.  I got out of my car and walked up to him and told him I had a strong urge to give him this, and I handed him a $50 bill.  I see that as an example in my life of the idea that there are agents like Matt in this world, helping us do good.”

I can imagine an Agent of Light using their Suggestion App and dropped an idea into my brother Don’s head.  Thanks for listening, bro!  And thanks for sharing.