Busy Times

Here we are, two-thirds of the way through December, and I haven’t done anything on this blog this month.  There’s a good reason.  We went on an almost two week forty-fifth wedding anniversary trip to Disney World and on a Disney cruise.  It was a wonderful trip with a couple of wonderful friends – Don and Kathy Rose.  It was an awesome way to celebrate our years together because there is no place in the world that my wife would rather be than at Disney World.  It truly is her favorite place – which is the #1 reason we made the trip.  I’m happy when she’s happy, and she was happy.  Just so you’ll know, I would recommend to any and all a cruise on any Disney ship.  Everything they do well, which is everything, they do it on the cruise ship!  The ship was clean, bright, and fun, with Disney characters walking around and tons of beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere.  Yes, there were a lot of children on the ship, but they were happy children, and it warmed my heart to see so many smiles and hear so many shouts of joy.  There were plenty of places to go that didn’t have children around.  We love our Princess Cruises, but Disney clearly  has the best entertainment on water.  Their productions were incredible. Better than Broadway.  Hey, with all the Disney characters, stories, and music at their disposal – coupled with spectacular scenery, props, and special effects, all I can say is WOW!  The food was absolutely the best and it was made even better by the service and decor of the several restaurants we rotated to with our servers.  Every meal was an experience and a memory.  No one pays attention to details like Disney.  The rooms were really nice, all the cast members were friendly and thoughtful, and the entire mood of every single person was friendly, open, and considerate.  Where could you go and join up with a few thousand people and still say that?  We had a blast!  I would love to do a Disney cruise with our family – especially our grand-kids – sometime in the future.  If you are thinking about it, do it early.  The prices go up the closer you get to the cruise date.

Most of all, it was another wonderful trip with the love of my life that we will treasure for whatever years God gives us.  Thank you Father for allowing me to spend four and a half decades with someone as special as Donna.  Help us to glorify You with whatever time we have left.

BTY:  I just made arrangements for the publishing of my second book about Matt Zampolos!  Should be available this Spring.  Read The Judas Sword so you’ll be ready for part two!