Angel Fun

Have you ever wondered what angels to for fun? How do I know they have fun?  I guess I don’t – for sure – but how can human-like spiritual beings be so full of joy and celebration and not have fun?  Do they just sit around 24/7 and wait for something to rejoice/cheer about or do that do things – just for fun.  Since they carry out some of the providential work of God – answered prayers and fulfilling God’s plans – would it be unthinkable that these beings that are free-moral-agents might choose to just do something for the sheer joy of doing it?  One named Lucifer seems to have made the choice a one point to do something evil, couldn’t any angel choose to do something that caused goodness to happen?

I’m not talking about earth-shaking changes and events.  Is it too much to believe that dollar you found was just “good luck”?  What about that time (s) you found your car keys just before you called for a professional locksmith.  How many times when you got the last anything, at the last minute, and it seemed too good to be true?  Did you just chalk it up to “the stars where all lined up for me today”?  The possibilities are endless, but even if it seems too far fetched for you to get into right now, remember the Holy Spirit told us about about angels giving directions, pointing to water, providing food, comforting, cleaning, and giving warnings.  I’m sure none of those things ever happened to you – right?

In my second book about Matt Zampolos’ experiences as an Agent of Light, The Perspicacious Quandary, Matt discovers two very challenging competitions that have been part of Yahlandice – the Agent world – since the beginning of time.  They are competitions that allow agents to hone their skills, but also represent their team and their camp.  The first is the Centennial Yahlandice Games, which is an inter-camp competition between the teams at Camp Omega that want to compete.  They compete using things they do as agents so that it remains a training opportunity as much as a winning opportunity.  The results of the CYG determine who becomes a part of the All-Star team from Camp Omega that gets to compete in the Perspicacious Quandary.  The PQ is a super challenging series of adventures that will show how well those agents have learned their craft.  Is it fun?  A little, but with each level of competition the challenge is demanding.

Bottom line, I believe agents have fun.  In my books, they play sports, have day’s off, and they get to eat whatever they want.  Kind of like a cruise ship, except they do have a heavy work load when it’s a normal work day.  Read The Judas Sword and check out my vision for the realm of God’s agents.  They have fun because their world and work is fun – except for those Agents of Darkness who occasionally try to destroy them – but that’s another story!